Distinctive Real Estate Development




Solar Garden
  • Sites are selected for proximity to public transportation, shopping, and services.

  • Existing buildings are retained and restored whenever possible.

  • New structures are positioned to take advantage of natural features of land and vegetation.

  • Excess or waste building materials are recycled or disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • Energy-saving appliances and equipment are used in restored and new buildings.

  • Energy efficient wall and roof insulation and exterior doors and windows are incorporated into projects.

  • Solar, wind, district energy, and other non-fossil fuel technologies are used whenever possible.

  • Solar includes participation in the Minnesota community solar garden program and state angel tax credits.

  • The company monitors new advances and utilizes best current industry practices.



  • The company is part of the local preservation community that works to protect the built environment of the Twin Cities.

  • Company principals were instrumental in setting up early preservation districts and saving key landmark buildings.

  • Working with a national network of funding sources and historic consultants, the company is known for its unique expertise with federal and state laws providing financial incentives for historic rehabilitation.

  • Two company projects, C&E Lofts and Custom House, are nationally recognized examples of complex large-scale historic restoration.



  • Company principals and senior advisors have held countless appointive and volunteer positions over the years.

  • Positions have included governmental committees, corporate boards, college and university advisory bodies, chambers of commerce, downtown councils, major non-profit organizations, architectural and historical societies, trade associations, and neighborhood groups.

  • The company has provided leadership and funds for such public projects as Chute Square Park in Minneapolis and the River Balcony in St. Paul.

  • Exeter Group has a respected voice in regional affairs that is unique for a company of its size.